Thursday, August 05, 2010

World's First Podcast About Hot Sauce and Fiery Foods from Ocean City -Brian Meagher @hotsaucedaily

I met Brian at a local event and he had driven all the way to DC from Ocean City to attend a few months ago. Who does not love hot sauce? What do you order when you go to a spicy restaurant ? Spice has a vocabulary of it's own as does ordering coffeee at Starbucks. I asked Brian a few questions about life, spice and his blogs and podcasts. Definitely subscribe to Brian's Blog

1. What inspired you to start

When I was about 12 or 13 years old (1969-70), I loved to "freak out" our housekeeper by doing "shots" of Tabasco. Fast forward to today and I began to search the Internet for "hot sauce" to buy. I found a few web sites dedicated to hot sauces.

We are now at over 400+ bottles in our house, and I like to write and have a creative bent, so I thought I can write a blog about Hot Sauce. So was born.

To make things worse, or better, depending on your view, my wife Marilyn and I recently launched "The World's First Podcast About Hot Sauce and Fiery Foods", Each episode we talk with other Chileheads, Hot Sauce Manufacturers and hot sauce fans. It's a very "NPR" style show. Check it out!

2. What is the spiciest dish you have tasted?

Probably the Pad Thai at a local Indian restaurant. I ordered it extra hot, as I am want to do. It was serious! Thankfully they had some nice Naan Bread to eat. The next favorite "spiciest" dish would be our own Srirachi Garlic Wings that we just love, and they are so easy to make.

3. What is the best food that cools you off quickly?

Not really a food, it's condiments that cool you off after a really hot sauce or dish. Sour Cream is number one. We also love our Homemade Blue Cheese Dip that is great not only to cool you off, but rocks with wings. Otherwise a cool cucumber and a dip would be number 3. Anything dairy - milk, ice cream, cheese... these are all great for relief. The worst thing you could do is drink water, beer or soda - liquids simply swish the capsaisin (what makes chiles and hot sauces hot) around in your mouth and make things worse.

Yes, Marilyn and I are foodies. We also love to grill and barbecue, and have lots of recipes and links on

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Thanks! Enjoy!

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