Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What do you order at StarBucks?

Every time I got to a star bucks- be it at my local strip mall or at the Maryland House on I95 I feel like I speak "ordinary" . I don't order "tall venti, skim, mocha, espresso 2 shot splenda.. what ever". I just say " a regular coffee small please", I can swear that I get smile every time from the StarBucks person.

My question is ?

What do you order?
Do you know of any websites that have chronicled "StarBucks Speak" or "drink codes"

Please comment so we ordinary mortals can be enlightened.


Update :

Some great people shared their insights by commenting here. Just wanted to post useful info from Twitter too.

@pbranter gave me a Wiki link "How to ORder at StarBucks"

@gotbob Hammerhead 2 shots in a venti

red eye, which is a venti coffee with an espresso shot

@AlbertMaruggi in New York City if you go into any place and ask for regular coffee, you get two sugars two creams

@dacort "tall drip, with room" ( response to my "regular coffee small ( leave room for cream please) ")

Update 01/02/2008:
warrenss Don't forget the Starbucks gossip website, http://starbucksgossip.com/.
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