Sunday, October 03, 2010

Aladdin Indian Kitchen Opens in Rockville MD Traville Village ( Near the Giant)

Update: The restaurant Bukhara has now come in place of this restaurant. phone number is (301) 738-2000

Aladdin Indian Kitchen Closed
9736 Traville Gateway Dr
Rockville Maryland 20850

This is a new Indian restaurant ( with a touch of Bengal) restaurant that opened in the Traville Gateway Center in the space occupied by the former Skewers restaurant. In the last few years that Traville Gateweay has opened there has been a turn over of restaurants probably due to competition from both Falls Grove and Traville Village.

Alladin advertises a lunch buffet Mon-Fri 11-3 $9.99which may be great for the Human Genome Sciences offices next door.  I have not had the chance to try it out yet but I am surpriesed to see the dish "Haleem" on the menu in the Appetizers list. ( Haleem wikipedia page)

The Kacchi Biriyani (available Saturday only) also got my attention. From the menu it seems like there are some savvy Indian food experts behind the restaurant and I am looking forward to my first meal there.

Other Indian restaurants recommended in the area :
Bombay Bistro 98 w. montgomery ave Rockville, MD 20850 (301) 762-8798
Spice Xing 100-B Gibbs Street Rockville, MD 20850 (301) 610-0303

Other restaurants in the Traville Area:
Oriental Cafe (Chinese)
Sushi Oiishi 
Cava - greek, mezze
Bageltowne Deli
Potomac Pizza Traville


Anonymous said...

Aladdin is completely bangladeshi.. like anyother bangladeshi restaurant in UK running under than name of India. Saying so, chicken tandoori, chicken 65 are adopted from india.. Minerva is another indian restaurant with bangladeshi chef.. if you want genuine indian food, it would be very high end price... most indians are usually higher educated engineers, in cuisine, they don't have the time to spent much... home cook is one thing. primary indian diet is vegetable but to cater western customers, they delve into all meat cuisine that adopted from pakistan mostly.. sweets from bangladesh. genuine indian food is honestly very good, savored, healthy, it's an experience you can't get from a buffet. only your grandma could make you feel that way.. anyway, that's how it is..

mita said...

Please be warned never to visit this place, and be FOOLED...I had ordered kachchhi biriyani, and mentioned that I have the coupon. I had not had any breakfast or lunch, and was just waiting for the 'so famous' kachchhi biriyani..however the owener, instead of serving me the dishes I ordered, packed up the food, and doesnt accept my coupon, mentioning that it is not possible for a single individual to consume that order! Who is he to decide how much I can consume? after all the coupon did not say, that it has to be used by more than one person? I want to make sure all future visitors of that damn place, knows how CHEAP the place can be.
Needless to mention I will never ever visit that place again, even if that means not using the coupon ever.

Unknown said...

As long as there are all meat smallgoods I can order, I'm good. I think they just have to make their service better so they can gain more customer loyalty.