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We know where you Ate Lunch!!

Best Eats Near Chinatown-DC
From the Midwest to the Middle East try our Eats!
Farmers and Distillers

Penny's Top 5 Places to Eat in Gallery Place/Chinatown

Top 5 Places to Eat in Gallery Place/Chinatown
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Thinking about where to take your friends or family who are in town for the Cherry Blossoms, and need a break from the tourist scene? We know it can be stressful trying to organize for a group especially during peak times of the year in Washington, DC. Here are our top picks in the Gallery Place/Chinatown neighborhood:

Are you looking for place to relax after walking around and perhaps enjoy a drink at a farm to table community? Farmers Distillery is the first distillery in Washington, DC and was featured in the Washingtonian.

In need of a caffeine pick up? Try Maison Kayser, a brand-new addition to the Chinatown neighborhood and DC though others are in New York.

Have a health-conscious friend? Shouk offers a variety of Middle-Eastern inspired sandwiches, dips, salads and snacks. They also have a dynamic veggie burger as the Washington Post stated!

Craving comfort food? RPM started in Chicago but has now blossomed in DC under Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Even Sean “Diddy” Combs enjoyed a meal there.

Looking for a chill vibe with a bit of culture, art and politics? Busboys and Poets is for you!

Brandon's Top 5 Places For Quick Lunches Near Georgetown SCS

Top 5 Places For Quick Lunches Near Georgetown School of Continuing Studies
Yelp 3.5 Stars
Google Reviews 4.214

Why it’s great: Quick, Convenient, Variety of Soup and Sandwiches

What influencers say:

How Devon & Blakely works: Choose your station, make your order, grab your items and pay at the cash register area in the front left.

For first time visitors to Devon & Blakely, it’s a little daunting.  Go directly to the station you’re interested in. The soup station is on the left, salad station in the center and sandwich station on the right.
After you order, they’ll give you your item and then you take it to the cash register in the front left for checkout. Read More.


Yelp 4.5 Stars
Google Reviews 4.6

Why it’s great: Flavorful, “Healthy”

What influencers say:
As the world gets ever-closer to veggie burgers that are designed to “bleed” and cook like traditional meat, Shouk has decided to run in the other direction.
Ran Nussb├Ącher, founder of the plant-based pita shop in Mount Vernon Square, said he wanted a veggie burger without processed or synthetic ingredients, but with “whole foods that you can actually see.” And see them you can: Chickpeas, black beans, lentils and chunks of mushrooms stand out in the patty, which also features cauliflower, beets and scallions. Read More

Yelp 4 Stars
Google 4.4 Stars

Why it’s great: Because you’re actually tired of Starbucks!

What Influencers Say:

Neither local nor new to the District, La Colombe has set up shop in DC’s small, busy Chinatown, with a cafe just one block up and one block over from both the Verizon Center and the neighborhood’s iconic Friendship Archway. The 21-year-old roastery based out of Philadelphia already introduced itself to Washington last February with a location in tucked-away Blagden Alley. Read More

Yelp 4 Stars
Google 4.3 Stars

Why it's great: price, good healthy fast-food and great beer

What Influencers say:

Nando's is a great place to have lunch. It’s a casual restaurant rather than a fast-food one – another aspirational touch. The grilled peri-peri chicken is energetically spiced. As for the chickens, they're not organic, but neither are they battery-farmed; Nando's buys from big outfits that comply with the industry's voluntary standards. One of the best plates is the traditional Boneless Chicken Breast, a succulent, butterflied whole chicken breast in crispy skin. No bones about it! Read more

Yelp 4 Stars
Google 4.7 Stars

Why it’s great: Luxury Burgers and Beer- need we say more?

What Influencers Say:

Crafted with aficionados in mind, The Capital Burger will offer an all-day menu focused on luxury burgers made with a proprietary beef blend, and selections spanning from the traditional to the unexpected, alongside fries hand-cut daily. Each dining experience begins with a complimentary Mason Jar of House-Made Pickles. In addition, The Capital Burger features a thoughtful wine list–with more than 25 offerings by the glass– spiked shakes, craft cocktails and a core of local beers as well as favorites. Read More

Sunday, August 20, 2017

I have never tasted white whiskey before and came across the McClintock Distilling Co at the Rockville Farmers market. I enjoyed the  taste and looking forward to touring and tasting at their distillery  35, S. Carroll st. Frederick, MD 21701

They have classes and special events and are open for Tours and Tastings

Thursday & Friday: 4 - 8

Saturdays: 12 - 8


Sundays: 12 - 6