Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#MeenasDream Seeks to go on National Tour & Future Life With IndieGoGo Project

I met Anu Yadav through mentions of her play "Meena's Dream" on Washingtonian, Washington Post. It was great to connect on Twitter and then get an opportunity to see the play at the Round House Forum Theatre in Silver Spring, MD. Meena's Dream  produced and performed by Anu Yadav with music from Anjna SwaminathanRajna Swaminathan and Sam McCormally just ended its world premiere at the Round House Forum Theatre in Silver Spring, Maryland last Saturday (January 18th 2013). The organizers have a Indiegogo project that will help them take Meena's Dream on the road and produce a video.

The play is about 9 year old Meena who dreams that the Hindu God, Lord Krishna appears in her dreams and asks her to fight worry - "The Worry Machine" which will help her and her mother who is sick and trying to make a living working extra shifts. Meena like many kids of her age is a dreamer and, luckily, a good reader as well. I love the introduction of Star Wars/Star Trek like humor. The call from the President of the United Federation is nicely introduced as Madam President (Hillary for 2016 campaigners please note!) ;)
Read the review on my Examiner column
 Patrick Crowley directed the world premiere at Forum Theatre.
The Indiegogo project MEENA'S DREAM National Tour & Future Life has already raised $83339 with a goal of $16k. Hope you will consider supporting this project.

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