Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What do you order at StarBucks? and restaurant secrets unveiled

More than a year ago I wrote a similar post about Starbucks Coffee Speak and asked for your help in decoding the strange code. That post received the highest ever comments for a post of mine. Today I am sitting in a StatBucks drinking regular coffee "short" - yes you heard it right - Starbucks has a size called "short" that is available on demand and not mentioned on the menu. I love this size because I don't waste any of it and gives me the right amount of caffeine I need. Just to prove I am/not a cheapskate "short" costs only about 10 to 15 cents less than Tall. I love Starbucks for doing this. I am also reminded of the "Gambler's Special" I read about in Rohit Bhargava's book Personality Not Included which is available at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas - a nice meal for $7.77 (See yelp review) and wonder if there are other secrets that I don't know about in restaurants. My Question to you is : a) Know of any specials in restaurants that is not on the menu? b) What do you order in StarBucks? (Please use additional sheets of paper if the comment field is not enough :) )


csuspect said...

Thanks for the tip Shashi - I did not about the "Short." I usually order a "Grande Drip."

Speaking of special menu items, the Capital Grille offers a Lobster Mac & Cheese, but it usually isn't on most of the chain restaurant's menus.

I haven't been to the DC one yet, so it may or may not be on the menu there.

Either way it's the best mac & cheese I have ever had.

Tinu Abayomi-Paul said...

a- lol @ additional sheets of paper,
b- secretss... hm. At In & Out in CA?Vegas you can order a burger "animal style"- you get Everything even stuff that's not on the menu... I'll think of more later.

c- I used to work at THE Starbucks in DC, the infamous one in Georgetown. I order a Tall Extra Vanilla Latte. And I know how to make every single drink on the classic menu. They used to give every employee 24 hours of controlled environment training so you'd know how to call any drink and have made every drink at least once.

This was even for people in office jobs. good times.