Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hungry? Ixtapa Restaurant - Rockville

Hungry?, originally uploaded by ShashiBellamkonda.

Ixtapa Restaurant
(301) 838-9070
11 N Washington St #104
Rockville, MD 20850

A hot summer day is not the right day to go to a restaurant as everyone wants to be outside. You enter and see the white table cloth and think this is going to be expensive. But the menu cards arrive and the prices seem reasonable. Staff are very friendly and the dishes are good. The picture here is a Vegetable Burrito.

What could be better? The salsa was a little liquidy which could be corrected . Otherwise its a nice place

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Unknown said...

Actually my family already tried Ixtapa. Well, it's really good. Burritos tastes very good though the sauce is liquidy. Just one comment, they have to improve the presentation of the food. But nevertheless, it's very good. Staff are great!
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