Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tong's Thai, San Antonio, TX

Great Thai Food, great Chinese Food, great Sushi, and excellent Service. That's the combination that makes Tong's Thai a great place to eat. They have a selection of Thai, and Chinese foods, with a very good selection of sushi and sashimi. I'm not brave enough to do sashimi yet, but I've tried the sushi, and this place has made me a sushi eater. 

The ingredients of the food are always fresh, the vegetables always crispy and clean. Three dishes I'd recommend to everyone..

1. Panang Chicken: This is the red curry with coconut milk.. it's my favorite dish.
2. Ariel's Special: Great sushi (shrimp tempura with some special sauces)
3. Vegetable Mussaman: This dish is not on the menu, but they have it and they can make it very quickly. 

Parking is a problem on Thursday nights, due to the place next door, having a car show every thursday night, but otherwise plenty of parking. 

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