Saturday, November 03, 2007

La Tasca , Tapas - Rockville Town Center ( updated )

La Tasca
Row at Rockville Town Sq.
141 Gibbs St.
(Washington St.)
Rockville, MD 20850

Saturday is the day when we go out and do chores and eat out. We were in the Rockville library and decide to checkout the restaurants in the Rockville town center. La Tasca is right next to the library.

The interior reminded us of a Pier 1 store. Staff were very friendly. The food was a disappointment. Their bread is mediocre and they have absolutely nothing for you to dip it or apply on it (at least butter would be nice or atleast pepper). The food was bad and here is the reason why:

a) The Paella arrived cold and I asked he waiter if these were cold entrees.
b) The dishes were bland. Where the menu said spicy there was no hint of spices.
c) It appeared that the spices were missing or forgotten.

We did return the Paella dishes to be reheated but the blandness still did make it a mediocre affair. Saturday morning may be the day the restaurant and kitchen management was probably not present and the kitchen was manned by apprentices. It is my belief that restaurants should have consistency irrespective of the day or time. I am not sure I will waste my money here to try to see if they are consistently bad.

Our next visit will be to the other restaurants in the Rockville Town center where the experience could be more exciting.

We ordered :

Brocheta de Gambas y Vieiras (Grilled Shrimp and Scallop Skewer)

Brocheta de Pollo (Marinated chicken and red pepper skewers)

Paella Valenciana ( Seafood and chicken rice)

Champignons al Ajillo ( Musrooms and peas)

Paella de Verduras ( Rice and vegetables)

Response from Ken Skidmore. Managing Partner of La Tasca and as a responsible blogger I am posting it here. Restaurants that respond quickly to their customer commets deserve to have a second chance. I am hoping my experience was a exception.

"We are improving on and adjusting recipes for seven of our menu items this week, and will be looking at the rest of the menu in weeks to come. Of course, this is an undertaking that cannot be completed overnight, but I am pleased that upper management has agreed to take action on my concerns (and, as is clear, the concerns of others, like yourself)"

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