Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A 6th Grader's Restaurant Review : Rasa Restaurant at DC's Navy Yard - National's Park Neighborhood

I live in Potomac,Maryland. A small unincorporated community, northwest of DC, I am a man who likes Indian food, I mean I grew up with it and all.Then, there was the day, where my dad’s lifelong friend, invited us to a  food gathering for their new restaurant his 2 sons, they were about 32, were organizing. The food there was amazing, it’s like one of those buffet places that you pick out something, and they put it on the bowl, you got great stuff from it. All the food there was rich and tasty, and it was in August so there was nice summer weather. When we went to the restaurant in March, on 1st, near Nats park, it was raining, but it was also great sipping juice and overlooking 1st street, and seeing all the military staff come and go, people rushing by, coming and going, it was a blister of activities. When I came home,I couldn’t stop talking about this place.

RASA is located on 1247 1st St. SE, in Washington DC, and the first thing that intrigues you is the colors, from the oddly-shaped bookshelves to the paintings on the wall. The owners made it a real welcome feeling, and they did a great job as well. The only problem was they gave my sisters too much food, and my dad, too little food. But, they did get classy looks with, spinning chairs looking out over the window, and speakers blasting out music, that could only make my dad cry. It’s right near Nats park, so that people after the game could come and have a quick bite. The entrance is a big blue door, an average door with cool designs. It’s made to be casual, with speedy service, but as Tom Sistema from The Washington Post says,”A lot of effort is put into this food. Slow-cooked tongue-numbing meat at RASA is dynamite, with a beneficiary of a marinade, sparked with curry leaves, tellicherry peppercorns, and green chilies, then garam masala in follow-up seasoning”. He is right, a lot of effort, especially with the meats, is put into everything especially the strange marketing. Oh, by the way, the marketing was put into very good detail, foods such as “Tikka chance on me”,  “Aloo need is love”, “Om my goodness”, and “Veggie Thali”, are all catchy names, and delicious foods. Other catchy names such as “Spice, spice, baby”, are what I think make the restaurant unique. On one side there are colourful paintings, and on the other the curved bookshelves, overhead are lamps, and strings of different colors. All these designs are unique, I mean the only problem is that someone might get less food than you did. As well as, more food than your body can take. All in all this is a restaurant I love with having, a great experience. But is there some things, I missed out, that we will cover soon.

RASA is vibrant, I can’t stop mentioning that, since the word “rasa”, means essence of beauty, and the staff was very helpful and kind. The way RASA works is you can order a pre-cooked meal, from the “ We Got You” section or you can build a meal from the “ You Got This” section, with the catchy food titles. Between the counter, and the bathroom entrance, there’s a board, giving acknowledgements and quotes, and a table with a Bonsai tree and a vase. The restaurant also has rotating chairs, to sip a nice drink overlooking the Navy Yard. The menu is not the only thing that has made this place into what it is today. It’s the designs that the owners put so much time and hard work into just to make you feel amazed. The Washington City Paper says,”when you eat here, you’re hit with intense flavors of Indian spices and herbs”. If I’ve got good feelings about this, and the media has got good feelings about this, then this tempts all of us to go there. Eater DC says, “Customers are transported to India even before they enter the 2,300-square-foot space.”, I couldn’t agree with the press more. When you read most articles, it’ll tell you about 2 things. The desserts and the drinks. The desserts, like kulfi pops and Masala chai cookies, are amazingly rich, tasty, and a great thing to have after your meal. All dishes are priced, around $9-10. The drinks, less, at about a $1-8 range. The people will talk about the mango gin and tonic, and the mango lassi, which are amazingly rich and tasty. So for recap, the place is vibrant, which reflects on its name. The staff is helpful,and the catchy and creative foods, taste amazing. The drinks and the food, are praised by the press, and the owners worked hard for people to be like this. They still are doing that today, before the 11 AM opening and after the 9 PM closing.

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