Monday, November 25, 2013

Food and Beverage experience aboard the USS George H.W Bush - Super Carrier

It was a 24 hour trip to the USS George H.W Bush, a super carrier of the US Navy currently in the Atlantic Ocean. I am honored to be part of the Navy's Distinguished Visitor Embark program which gave me the opportunity to visit the ship.
"DVs are flown via Navy helicopter or aboard a C-2 Greyhound Carrier On board Delivery aircraft, or COD, to a U.S. Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier operating at sea. Guests spend on or two days meeting with the ship's leaders, interacting with Sailors and Marines, touring the ship and observing a full spectrum of operations. "
We were welcomed on the first night with a dinner that surprised me, since this was not a hotel but an operational Navy vessel that has between 4500 to 6000 people on board. feeding all of them is a huge logistics operation. They excelled in making us feel at home and did a great job with a fantastic and tasty meal.

We met with CW02 Walker aboard the USS George H.W Bush,we were told a team of 255 sailors help feed the entire ship. 

They have about 2.5 hours between meal times to turn around the meals for the 7 galleys aboard the ship. Having experienced the walking that the sailors have to do I am sure they are really hungry.
There are 7 galleys that feed the crew with 9 "chow lines" and there is no more than 15 minutes from lining up to getting food. There is even a Starbucks coffee place on board as part of the Lone Star Cafe

To help with food choice, all the food is labeled Green , Yellow and Red to help people make a healthy choice.

Since the ship has to store 45 to 60 days of food on board, there are large storage areas and chill rooms.
Fresh fruits and vegetables inventory is for about 18 days. Supplies are brought in by ships which come along side the USS George H.W Bush and the supplies are transferred between the ships.

There are vending machines too and a 24 hour ship store which resembles a convenience store on land.

We stayed in the suites a luxury accommodation aboard this ship for guests and the standards of the USS George H.W Bush's Hotel Services were fantastic given all the constraints.

Two beds in a bunk are a luxury aboard the ship.

Each suite has a mini library and a TV where you you watch the flight operations or the ships entertainment - sports and soaps when we reached our rooms,

Nice curtains at the entrance of the passage way

Different food stalls provide a variety of food and less lines.

It was a memorable visit and more importantly gave me a good way to look at the every day experience of the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces.

Since they serve the nation and help us with the freedom that we take for granted we should take care of them by helping the organizations that take care of the families of those who serve. Some of the organizations I know of are ( Please add to this list in the comments section)

Thank you US Navy.

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