Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ovvio Osteria at Halstead Square

Eating Italian food should be a ritual and not a chore. Ovvio Osteria is a new restaurant in Northern Virginia which is bringing great Italian food to our area.  I got a chance to talk to Curtis Allred - General Manager of Ovvio Osteria and of course asked him among other things about the red pepper. Making all the sauces and  using fresh ingredients makes Ovvio's cooking philosophy refreshing. See the interview with Curtis Allred here.

The specialty Pizza from Fresh Clams 

Chef of Ovvio Osteria is Chris Watson  and according to the Washington Post review of Ovvio Osteria  "His Italian credentials include two years of cooking in Italy — Bologna and smaller towns in Emilia-Romagna and near Naples" An awesome decor and wonderful location next to the Dunn Loring Metro in VA among the apartments at Halstead Square, a hop away from Washington DC is Ovvio Osteria's location. I had the Piccolo Seson on tap to drink and noticed that Ovvio Osteria has some excellent wines. Beers start from 5.50 for a Peroni (I love this beer) to an average of $7. At lunch they have good options for $12. The atmosphere is nice and elegant and sutiable for both fine dining and a casual dinner.You would not need to dress formally just like you would not need to if you were going to Sweet Water Tavern I was here for a private event and Ovvio Osteria is usually closed on Mondays.

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