Sunday, September 08, 2013

Food Entrepreneurs Present at LaunchNetwork's Women Business Plan Competition

On September 7th 2013 Launch Network held the final round of the Women Entrepreneurs Business Plan competition. Among the Finalists were two food based businesses Capital City Sweets and Treats and Farm to Freezer

I was intrigued by both these businesses and loved the fact that they had each started the business to solve a problem. Farm2Freezer preserves local, fresh food to nourish the hungry and is a for profit organization using harvest that is surplus and is usually wasted to freeze these vegetables and produce Tomato sauce and Ratatouille that can be used to feed the hungry. Along with the business plan presentation Farm2Freezer had brought along samples of the tomato sauce and ratatouille which tasted very good. being local produce I am sure a lot of consumers will be interested. I am looking forward to the success of Farm2freezer.
Capital City Sweets products gluten free desserts to cater to people who cannot enjoy these treats otherwise. I sampled the gluten free carrot cake sample at the competiton and it tasted great and would be a great niche market for people who want to eat healthy and make sure their kids can enjoy the same treats even if they need gluten free food.

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