Saturday, February 02, 2013

Old Ebbit Grill : A Good Meal and a lot of History and Scandal : Right across From the White House

When I agreed to see a few good friends for lunch a few days ago, their only request was that they could go quickly across the road to the White House for a meeting. So we agreed on the Old Ebbit Grill.
It was a very cold day and I arrived early and the restaurant lunch hour rush was just starting. I got a very friendly greeting at the door and they seated me immediately despite the rest of the group not having arrived yet(I loved that). Service was great and cheerful and water kept coming while I waited and was never intrusive.

As I waited for my friends, I kept thinking how close this restaurant was to the White House and almost seemed like I would see President Obama walk across and have lunch or maybe Ben Bernanke. while I waited.

Wikipedia provided a good page on the history of the Old Ebbit Grill and Wow! from the Iran Contra Scandal to the movie "In the Line of Fire" this restaurant has seen a lot of celebrities. At the same time even though I was a first timer I did not feel any lesser welcome which is a mark of a good restaurant- making a first timer feel as good as a regular customer. Old Ebbit Grill's Menu selections I thought was nice. I had a tough time choosing between the Seafood Jambalaya and the "Veggie" Lentil Burger pictured below. Of course if Michelle Obama were to visit the restaurant, Robert McGowan Chef of the Old Ebbit Grill has the Winter vegetable Platter on the Special Menu.

While this restaurant feeds a lot of people everyday, they excel at service and food and I loved the lunch here for the company for the food and the service. Definitely visit the Old Ebbit Grill 675 15th St NW  Washington, DC 20005 (202) 347-4800.

As if on cue as I left the restaurant the traffic stopped and the Presidential Motorcade left the White House.
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