Thursday, March 08, 2012

Order the food you grew up with with Gourmair #sxsw

Even before the SXSW festival in Austin several entrepreneurs are on a Startup Bus creating new companies and concepts on the road trip to SXSW. Once such concept is Gourmair.

What is GourmAir?

Check out the blog post

"People love the food they grew up with – whether it’s a favorite pizza joint where they grew up, or that awesome BBQ place down the road from their parent’s house. There is no easy or integrated directory to help people find all of their options for having this great food shipped right to their door, and to discover which vendors have the best reputation among their friends.

Gourmair will be the solution. Our platform will provide a directory of fresh food from everywhere that can be shipped to order. Site users will submit their favorite vendors, who can then be reviewed by their peers or friends. This will build an element of trust between vendors and customers. With Facebook integration, users will be able to share great food experiences with friends.

When users visit the site they will be able to search by region, types of food, or “experience”. Gourmair will offer a selection of exciting meal experience suggestions, such as a BBQ challenge between Kansas City and Texas BBQ, an elegant dinner party with food from five different regions, or a romantic lobster dinner for two."

Good Luck folks! We will be rooting for your success.

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