Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crêperie de Josselin (Best Crêpes in Paris)

Sometime ago my wife had a craving for crêpes, I could try and make it but I already knew that was not going to cut it. There was only one thing that could be done to satisfy her craving - that was to go to Paris and that’s what we did. Okay, we did not just go to Paris to get crêpes. However, while we were there I did plan to take her to a Crêperie that makes the best crêpes in all of Paris. That place is Crêperie de Josselin.

Located on Rue du Montparnasse, Josselins is a quaint spot where you can get galettes (crêpe made with buckwheat flour), savory and dessert crêpes for a reasonable price. The ambiance was quite nice and friendly.

I myself had savory crêpes – Couple jambon-fromage (two crêpes with ham and cheese). (Sorry no picture I ate mine too fast)

My wife got dessert crêpes – Couple au beurre (two crêpes with butter) with a scoop of ice cream

The crêpes were very tasty but with all the research I did to find the best place in Paris that make crêpes and reading countless reviews online, Crêperie de Josselin seemed to be the place to go. However our first day in Paris and we found a random spot near the Notre Dame Cathedral and she gets a crêpe. Couple au sucre en poudre et des framboises (two crêpes with sugar and raspberries). Good but not great.

Funny thing though, near our hotel there was a little stand that made crêpes and my wife got a plain crêpe with sucre (sugar) on our last day in Paris and she said this was the best crêpe she had on the trip.

If you are in Paris I still say you have to try Crêperie de Josselin out, the crêpes are definitely good, but if you also know or heard of any other place that have great crêpe let me know.

Crêperie de Josselin
67, rue du Montparnasse, Paris, France

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Unknown said...

That looks absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!! Wish I were there to partake.