Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Favorite Restaurant - 2941

This restaurant is located in a Falls Church, VA corporate building but you would never guess that once you walk across the waterfall koi pond and enter through the glass doors that you have just discovered a truly hidden gem. The main dining room has panoramic views of the garden and of modern sculptures, in the dining room itself art work adorn the walls and a spectacular crystal chandelier that cascades down from the ceiling.

This particular evening I dined in the Koi Room and as you can guess it had a view of the Koi pond. The Chefs at the time when my wife and I first tried this place was Jonathan Krinn and Jon Mathieson, the food was amazing and Jonathan Krinn’s father made the best artisan bread I’ve ever had in a Restaurant. The new Chef Bertrand Chemel who's own creations made the restaurant his own were amazing in its own right. On this particular night myself and few guest were able to tour the kitchen.

Here are a few pictures of some of the various cuisine:

Appetizers -

Pic.1 Amuse-Bouche of Scallop Pic.2 Grilled Octopus

Main Course -
Pic.1 Tasmanian Salmon Pic.2 Summer Truffle Scented Japanese Mero
Pic.3 American Wagyu

Desert -
Pic 1. Creme Bruele Pic 2. Smore with Blackberry Ice cream

I have not been back in sometime but this place will remain one of my favorite spots. This is a place you should definitely check out:


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