Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sometimes when you crave something you just have to have it

By the standard definition of the term Foodie, I guess I would be considered a novice but my interest in food, especially in the eating part, runs a little bit deeper.

The disclaimer here is that I do not claim to be an expert, or a person whom has been trained in the culinary arts. I just enjoy good food in fact, I enjoy the whole experience. From going to that classy high-end restaurant and enjoying the fine dining experience to going to Sonic and getting a classic burger, side of fries (tots) and a Coney Dog.

My interest in food began at an early as I watched my father and mother cook and on the television as I would watch Julia Child or Martin Yan. As I grew older I had semi-aspirations of becoming a chef, but alas I never learned to really cook. Now the only real cooking that I am to participate or live vicariously through are on the shows I watch on the Food Network, on Top Chef, No Reservations, Avec Eric, After Hours with Daniel Boulud, Man v. Food and other random shows that have food involved. That’s okay that I never became a chef because I realized I liked the eating part more.

I wanted to share this one particular story. I was fortunate enough that I met my wife whom also shares in the love for good food. She is a vegetarian, however, during the time of her pregnancy with our daughter she was a carnivore. On this particular day I was at work when my wife called me saying that the doctors wanted to induce labor, so the whole scenario of driving in the middle of the night to the hospital and weaving in and out of traffic that you see in the movies was not in my deck of cards. She told me she was going home first to grab stuff and I would meet her up at home before we would have a nice drive to the hospital.

As we are getting everything ready at home and about to leave for the hospital my wife and I started having this craving and wanted to go eat something before she would have to go through labor (side note - you really can’t eat anything from the time you are induced until the baby is born). So we always wanted to hit up Ray’s Hell Burger and this would be a good time as any other.

Ray’s Hell Burger
1725 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22209

Sorry no pictures but you can see some other people’s pictures and check out some reviews here:


We got to Ray’s in the late afternoon so the place was not packed at all, and it was a really chill spot. I liked the fact that they have a map of the world on the wall and people from around the world have placed a pin from where they are from that have come to enjoy this burger place. We placed our orders took a seat and did not have to wait long for our order to be brought to our table. The server forgot to bring my wife her sautéed mushrooms but they hooked it up.

I got a grilled 1/3 pound cheddar bacon burger medium-rare (lettuce, tomatoes, and onions) with a side of fries and a Root beer. My wife got a grilled 1/3 pound Swiss and sautéed mushroom burger well done with a side of sweet potato fries which were awesome, ginger ale and a mango milkshake which was according to my wife - killer. One of the things about a burger that is underappreciated is the bun, because if you have a bun that’s too dry or too weak and breaks apart that kills your eating experience. The bun was perfect and yes my burger was one tasty burger, and after 30 minutes of eating we decided to go to the hospital. Later that evening my wife was induced. It took some time and at night we watched the Season finale of Top Chef. The very next day our daughter was born. From what I can tell she likes to eat. I guess she got that from her mom and me.

If you are ever in the Washington D.C./Arlington, VA area stop by and check out Ray’s Hell Burger I think you might like it.

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