Monday, January 03, 2011

Winners of Washington Post - D.C. Tweeps 2010

As promised Washington Post Local announced the D.C. Tweeps 2010  and said they received 5000 votes

The winners are:

Favorite social media geek: @Chaddukes

Favorite local business: @930Club

Favorite entrepreneur: @Think_Tank

Favorite foodie: @BrunchGirl

Favorite political wonk: @JakeTapper

Favorite D.C. area blogger: @JonahNRO

Favorite nightlife insider: @DCEventJunkie

Favorite government agency: @NASA

Favorite food truck: @curbsidecupcake

Favorite fashionista: @cityshopgirl

Favorite non-profit: @Miriamskitchen

Favorite restaurateur: @ChefSpike

Favorite social butterfly: @KStreetkate

 Amanda Zamora is doing a great job and even setup a Washington Post Quora account Not sure if she was running this contest ;)

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