Thursday, September 30, 2010

Literally getting away from it all - Jules Undersea Hotel

The article in the Forbes magazine The World's Most Remote Hotels lists among others the  Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Fla. This is a hotel under the seas that is reachable through a 21ft suba dive and accomodates a maximum of 6 guests. The hotel is named in the honor of Jules Verne the author of " 20,000 leagues under the sea" . According to Jules Undersea Lodge website "even guests who have never scuba dived before can stay in Jules’ Undersea Lodge. A pleasant three hour class acquaints non-certified divers with the equipment and simple procedures necessary to comfortably dive in the company of the Lodge’s dive instructors."
Jules' Undersea Lodge, actually began its existence as La Chalupa research laboratory, an underwater habitat used to explore the continental shelf off the coast of Puerto Rico and is about 5 ft above the bottom of the ocean. .Jules’ Undersea Lodge has two private bed rooms and a common room. The eight by twenty foot common room is a multi-purpose room providing the galley, dining and entertainment areas.
Planning a wedding ? The hotel "mer-chef" scuba dives to the hotel to prepare the meal and serve the newlyweds.The total cost of the package, with the services of the notary public, flowers and a small wedding cake is $1,750.00 plus tax. There is an additional charge of $175.00 per person for extra guests attending the ceremony.The couple should arrange for their marriage license prior to their arrival by contacting the Monroe County Clerks Office.

Is this going to be your next vacation spot ?

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