Sunday, September 05, 2010

3 year's and 100 episodes later Anthony Bourdain returns to Paris

If you are a No Reservations fan you may be thrilled to see the show celebrate its 100th episode of No Reservations will be airing at 10 E/P. Hope you will be watching.

An additional bonus is a "What Were We Thinking" - Monday 9 pm E/P.  What We Were Thinking is a special behind the scene look at the No Reservations crew that gives us an inside look at the people who make No Reservations happen. 

Here is some info from Travel channel

In celebration of this milestone, Monday is an entire day dedicated to Tony on the travel channel .

  • All day, top episodes of No Reservations air 9am-8pm E/P
  • What Were We Thinking behind the scenes episode airs 9/6 @9pm E/P
  • Paris - the 100th episode airs @ 10pm E/


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