Saturday, July 24, 2010

Living Social and the Visa Deal of the Day

Have you signed up for any of the social shopping deal sites Living Social or Groupon ? The way it works is that these sites will send you a deal everyday in your local area. The deal gets activated only if the target number of deal takers is reached. This is an incentive for people receiving word of the deal to get their networks to buy. Both Groupon and Living social are competing for this space. The Living social folks alerted me to a new feature in their offering  that starts on July 28th with Potomac Pizza ( my neighborhood pizza place)

Every day, LivingSocial offers an amazing deal and Visa is sweetening deals over the next couple months. When the Visa Deal of the Day is on, you score a deal for your friend! On July 28th, when you buy a Living Social deal for Potomac Pizza with your Visa card, you’ll get another deal to give to a friend! Simple as that.  Go to Living Social now and get ready for the Visa Deal of the Day in your city:

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