Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White House State Dinner List & Connections

The list is on the White House website and according to ABC news there are 335 guests on the list. I study the list and try to find my Six Degrees of separation and try to make sense of the logic and connections in the list.

People I have met IRL

Ms. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw  Chairman of Biocon and She was termed India's Biotech Queen by The Economist and Fortune, and India's mother of invention by New York Times  (Source wikipedia) She is also a master brewer( The White House list has a typo in her name)

My Connection: In my previous life as a chef in Bangalore India  in the 80’s I was introduced to her by Barota Malhotra and I made Guacamole at that time virtually unknown in India

My Most Admired List

Sam Pitroda & Mrs. Anjana Pitroda : I would call Sam Pitroda (blog) the hero of Indian telecom. India is a telecom powerhouse today because of his efforts in the 80’s

Indira Nooyi – Chairman and CEO Pepsico


Mr. Zarin Mehta and Ms. Carmen Lasky : Zubin Mehta Zarin Mehta’s brother is usually better known as Zubin Mehta was the conductor of the New York Philharmonic orchestra and later the Israel Philharmoic orchestra. Zarin is a star of his own right. As the Executive Director of the New York Philharmonic orchestra he is credited with the great success of the the orchestra’s successful visit to North Korea.

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