Monday, November 23, 2009

For Tom Sietsema : Eating is a job

In Sunday’s Washington Post Andrew Alexander the Ombudsman for the Washington Post. it is definitely a must read to see behind the scenes at what a food critic does.

To ensure he doesn't get special treatment, Sietsema is obsessive about anonymity. He's used elaborate disguises in elite restaurants such as the District's Citronelle and the Inn at Little Washington in Virginia. He has a dozen aliases and sometimes feigns a foreign accent. Concerned about restaurants using caller ID, he may have friends make the reservation. He has nine credits cards with different names so restaurants can't identify him through receipts. Sometimes he pays cash. He even took acting lessons to alter his physical demeanor. It can help, he said, because "people get used to seeing you in a certain way.

and did you know “There are occupational hazards, such as high cholesterol. Food stains have driven his annual dry-cleaning bill to $700”

Read the rest of the article in Andrew Alexander’s column in the Washington Post

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