Friday, July 10, 2009

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is back

Travel Channel sent me a message that Anthony Bourdain is back  and the new season begins Monday, July 13! This season will have him visit Chile, Australia, Sardinia and Thailand along with places in the US.

Highlights of this season:


Chile’s cuisine reflects its topographical diversity, consisting of beef, pork, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Chile is also filled with gorgeous landscapes, beautiful mountains, and breathtaking flora and fauna. While in Chile, Tony will not only sample this delicious cuisine but will also do some exploring in this ‘land of extremes’.
During his trip, Tony visits Fuente Alemana, a restaurant serving German pints and Lomidos, a monstrous sandwich of pork, avocado, and mayonnaise (make sure to watch the sneak peek scene on a full stomach!). Tony’s obsession with pork continues when he dines at El Hoyo, a restaurant specializing in all forms of pork, pork skin, and extraneous pig bits.
The episode continues as Tony enjoys a rodeo, some shopping at the bustling market in the Estacion Central, which is filled with fresh produce and meats. He also stops at a food stall in the neighboring marketing, where they enjoy ‘caldopata’ (hoof soup), ‘chunchules’ (fried intestines), and ‘pastel de choco’ (corn pie).
Tony also wants to see a bit of the Patagonia region of the country where there are gorgeous coastlines, quiet beaches, and stunning cliffs and hillsides. There, over a delicious meal of all local ingredients, they discuss living ‘the good life’


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There, over a delicious meal of all local ingredients, they discuss living ‘the good life’
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