Saturday, January 17, 2009

Todd Gray - Equinox - gets the first family first business

Restaurants in the DC area are looking for some new guests - The Obamas. In the last 8 years George Bush ate at home and look what happened to the economy :) ( its a joke so don't bother slamming me in the comments :) ) Anyway the good news from Chicago is that Obama likes restaurants . Tom Sietsema took the initiative to suggest where Barack and Michele Obama should dine out in DC. I remember the day Madeleine Albright came to Bombay Bistro. Todd Gray of Equinox is a Culinary institute Grad and has run a successful restaurant with wife Ellen. I met him once at a Washingtonian party for best restaurants in a previous life.


Here is what the Washington Post Column Reliable Source had to say about the meal:

President-elect chose salad greens with chablis poached apples and picked watermelon radish as a first course. Mrs. Obama opted for the pan fried Rappahannock oysters. Both selected a grilled all-natural striploin steak for the main course. For dessert, Michelle Obama ordered the crispy bananas. Gray also provided a tasting menu during the meal and Zabaglione Gelato for dessert.
Gray said he was honored that Equinox was D.C.'s first "table-cloth restaurant" to host the president-elect and his wife for dinner, and even more thrilled it was for such a special occasion.

I am so glad that  for Michele Obama's birthday the first family and maybe 12 others walked across the park to go to Equinox. Thinking like me the Washington City Paper thinks this is part of the Economic Stimulus package by encouraging local business. At the Washington DC food blog Metrocurean Amanda thinks that Obama spotting may get old.  As for me I am looking for Obama to answer one of my tweets for a meetup at a DC/MD/VA restaurant :)

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