Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Minerva keeps on Improving

2443 Centreville Road
# G1
Herndon, VA 20171

(703) 793-3223

"I went to Minerva for lunch today. Something definitely has changed ( for the better). They now have the concept of a professional manager greeting you and managing the list. In terms of the food, I love the fact that they had "tangri Kabab" this is a chicken dish similar to Tandoori chicken but a different marinade of cheese , cream and pepper. The gulab jamun was fabulous. light and not too sweet. This maybe because it did not have a chance to soak fully in the syrup but that was actually an advantage.
Good show Minerva. I am glad even though you are doing well you are working to keep improving your service. highly recommend this restaurant for a lunch buffet if you want to eat Indian.
See this review and my other reviews on yelp http://shashib.yelp.com also checkout http://kl.yelp.com my buddy and fellow yelper"

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