Sunday, January 18, 2009

#inaug09 Presidential Inauguration and nostalgia

I live about n20 miles from the National Mall in Washington DC and have the opportunity to be part of the celebration but I am consciously choosing to stay home and watch the celebration on TV. Despite that the spirit I see here in Washington DC and from people on TV and social networks the occasion has the spirit that India would have felt in 1947. Granted this is not a freedom issue here but it feels like that. Here is a clip of a American newsreel on India's independence in 1947.

I have been thinking about a few contrasts, in India when there is a huge gathering of crowds or celebrations the authorities close the liquor stores and bars. Here in Dc the bars and liquor establishments will remain open for extended hours. No criticism of either approach but this is is a contrast :). The media has been of late giving a lot of worst case scenarios. Not enough Port-a -potties (7k of them) , cell phones may not work, you may walk 2 miles etc. My experience in the National Mall in Dc is that you always walk 2 miles every time you visit the National mall. I expect everything to be good and I am just not venturing out because of the weather and to let the guests who are visiting DC enjoy themselves.

Here are some initial pictures on Flickr:




About the 2 to 4 Million people who will be in DC in the nest 2 days, well thats not a lot considering the following :

Extras who participated in the movie Gandhi Funeral scene : 300k

Abdul Nasser Egyptian President's funeral on  was one of the largest in history, attended by an estimated seven million people

Cheers ! I am happy that I am being part of history.  Looking for a social media event go to

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