Sunday, November 02, 2008

Use keywords to lose weight

I was reading an interesting post on Linda Sherman's Blog How to order well and lose weight. You should read the entire post to get the good stuff but here is a preview list

Don’t Order List Key Menu Words:

Butter (butter sauce, cooked in butter)
Fried (the only exception is fried tofu)
Rice (with the exception of brown rice)
Bread (includes buns, sandwich bread, croutons and phylo wrappings)
White Potato
Sauce (caution for anything with the word sauce – ASK if it is heavy)
Dessert: except for fresh fruit, tell them you don’t need a dusting of sugar
Go easy on beans
Go easy on salad dressing

I have met Linda and now I know the secret of her health. :)

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Linda Sherman said...

Thank you so much for picking up my post Shashi. I like the way you named it "key words" - good one!!