Monday, October 13, 2008

Tom Sietsema and the Washington's Best Bets

I always look forward to the Washington post Annual Dining Guide and this year its Tom Sietsema's " Wine Bars that beckon" , "Pizza to die for " and "Hamburgers done right". Tom Sietsema's job is tough. The guide is titled Washington's Best bets and it literally is. 27 DC restaurants vs. 8 in Maryland and 9 in Virginia. The guide concentrates on a lot of high priced restaurants in Washington Dc and i think I understand the reasoning - if you are spending >$100 on your dinner you really want to go to a place which has been vetted by a food critic where as if the dinner was $17 you have less to risk and can experiment with restaurants that are not in Tom Sietsema's guide. Given the economy in the stage it is I would definitely recommend the Washington Post have two versions of this guide, an additional one like the Washingtonian's 100 Best Bargains. I am glad that Tom Sietsema added a Baltimore restaurant to the list Wood berry Kitchen.

Here are the restaurants from the guide that I would like to try:


228 N. Market St., Frederick

Woodberry kitchen

2010 Clipper Park Road, No. 126
Baltimore, MD 21211



Cava ( of course I love this , restaurant a mile from my house)

9713 Traville Gateway Drive, Rockville, 20850


Nava Thai

11315 Fern St., Wheaton, MD 20902



Passion Fish in Reston

11960 Democracy Drive

Reston Town Center

Reston, VA 20190

703.230.FISH (3474) 
opening on Oct 22 (This restaurant is in Tom Sietsema's plans to review later this year )

According to the Sietsema article quoting the ZAgat 2009 survey people in the Washington area are eating as much or more than they did 2 years ago. Again this may be a Washington city stat and not the burbs. is your work place refrigerator more full with lunch boxes from home than before? Let me know what you think .

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