Thursday, October 16, 2008

Popcorn on a United flight

Ok the title of this post is a wish that came out of a conversation with a perky and good humored united crew member. I think United needs to change , lighten up get bright colored uniforms, soft lighting and fly on time -united 2.0. I have not flown them for a long time and the only change that i noticed was that their flights are full and the employees in a better mood.
The same cheerful cabin creew member on Flight 915 IAd to SFO also said it may be great idea to give some passengers a free massage coupon just for good will. I think she is a thinker and needs recognition.
I miss the peanuts and the unlimited snacks of southwest and the improv of the crew.
Flying out of dulles to san francisco united has the best options. My last flight on this route was jet blue. My tweet that there were suits than geeks on this flight got a great response from @mikeneumann. As i am writing this post offline from the flight i will update the post with his tweet. San francisco here i come
mikeneumann@shashib Cnsdr your origin airport, and that SanFran is mostly banking/stuffy geeks. You need SJC for pure geekdom. AUS/SJC is "Nerd Bird":)

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