Monday, August 25, 2008

Green with envy as Anthony Bourdain travels to Egypt - today at 10 p.m

For those of my readers who do not know,I used to be a Executive Chef in a earlier life. Of late I have been following the adventures of Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel  and I wish I was doing that. It is not an easy thing to do , going around the world and tasting food so it is rightly labeled as an adventure.

I read the "kitchen confidential" ( see review by Pamela Rice Hahn) a few years ago and the book was awesome. The fact that a chef could stop his passion for working 24/7 and write a book in itself was astonishing. I try to see movies or read books that feature chefs. No Reservations, Ratatouille, Mostly Martha are some movies that come to mind.

I have this blog because I cannot forget my career as a chef and try to give you a simple idea of the restaurants I go to. Recently I was in Seattle for Gnomedex and we were discussing chefs and I must say chefs as celebrities is a thing that happened in this decade. Chefs like Anthony Bourdain who exchanged their apron's for a media career are doing well to glamorize the profession. The other friend of mine who has done similarly is Sanjeev kapoor India's best known chef who has the longest running  food show in India Khana Khazana

I saw lot of Anthony Bourdain's  promo videos on Viddler : that lead me to full episodes

Not sure if  Anthony_Bourdain has a personal blog but if he reads this I hope he starts one too and maybe one day make me a co-host speically if he goes to India. Well my plans one day I will be a millionaire and have my own show but short time I will look for more of Anthony Bourdain's episodes.

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