Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bhutan Food on the Mall - Indique Heights

We visited the Smithsonian Folk life Festival on the National Mall DC yesterday. Growing up in India I had always wanted to visit Bhutan. It was a admirable place and we heard of the King who kept in touch with the people and the simplicity with which the people lived their lives.

When we heard that the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival was featuring Bhutan we decided not to miss it. At the food stall we met the Chef and Co-owner of Indique Heights Vinod Kottapurath and here is his interview.



The food was very good. The Washington Post had alerted us of the dish Ema Datsi - national Dish of Bhutan with Chilly and Cheese served with  Bhutanese rice (see picture below)

Bhutan on the National Mall - Smithsonian FolkLife Festiva

Now if you are not brave enough to try the Ema Datsi ( I come from a hot chilly eating state in India - Andhra Pradesh - and this dish was very hot for me. It was fine if you didn't eat the chilly or you could choose the Jasha Tshoem with chicken.


Bhutan on the National Mall - Smithsonian FolkLife FestivaBhutan on the National Mall - Smithsonian FolkLife Festiva


The menu on the Mall was made by Indique Heights with training and certification from the Bhutan Government. As Chef Vinod says in the video the Prince of Bhutan was a guest at Indique Heights. Chef Vinod also posted the visit of the Prince Jigyel Ugyen to the National Mall

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