Friday, May 16, 2008

Indo-Chinese War hots up in Herndon

Wah Taj
2545-Q13 Centreville Road
(Next to Staples)
Herndon VA 20171
Phone: 703-793-3044

Chicken Hakka Noodles, originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda.

Ok This is not about politics ! This is about the war of restaurants serving Indo-chinese food especially in Herndon, VA. This type of food is very popular in India and now Indian restaurant owners are taking note. We have previously reviewed Masala Wok and today we ate at its competitor Wah Taj about 3 miles down the road at the corner of Centerville Road and Coppermine ( next to Staples) serving Indian Chinese food, Dosas (nice crisp pancakes that can be ordered filled with stuffing) in Herndon VA

Wah Taj In Herndon

Masala Dosa

The food was tasty a mite bit oily. Portions were huge. Only after some time di i notice that the 2 giant plasma screens were showing the new Indian professional cricket matches.
Vegetable Noodles

Idly Manchurian - Taking the fusion to a different level

The crowd was almost entirely ethnic Indian so that should give you an idea that this kind of cuisine attracts the "desis" - (term used colloquially to mean South Asian immigrants and their descendants Cricket, Indo-chinese food what else does one need ? How about wi-fi so we can come and hang out when India plays Pakistan ?

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