Friday, May 30, 2008

Chicago's JohnBarleyCorn


3524 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60057
Phone: 773.549.6000
Fax: 773.549.6194
Monday-Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday-Friday: 5:00pm-2:00am
Saturday: 10:00am-3:00am
Sunday: 2 hours prior to Bears Game


I am not sure this watering hole near Chicago's Wrigley Field is in anyway related to the book "John Barleycorn: Alcoholic Memoirs" by  Jack London. JohnbarleyCorn was the place where the TechCocktail mixer was after the TechCocktail conference. Wikipedia has a page on the song of this name

They trusted me to take them to JohnBarleycorn

These guys in the picture trusted me to take them to John Barleycorn from Downtown. With the cubs game the same evening it was good we took the Metro. $2 took us from the redline station Chicago to Addison. The walk from the station is about 2 blocks.  The interior is similar to most pubs. The place is huge. I wish I had more time to review this but in the 15 minutes I spent there nursing my 312 beer. First time I am having this local Chicago brew from Goose Island Beers. This is not available in Maryland and is unfiltered. The taste was very good of freshly brewed hops.

It took us about an hour to go to Midway airport from JohnbarleyCorn. When i go back to Chicago I plan to go back to this place.

What is the brew that is a speciality in your town ? It always good to try the beers that you don't get to taste regularly.

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