Saturday, May 24, 2008

BusBoys And Poets

Busboys and Poets








This cool eating and meeting place came to my notice through Leslie Bradshaw and Jesse Thomas of Jess3 who advice BusBoys and Poets on their Social media Strategy. Jeff Pulver always organizes the Social Media breakfast here after Shana Glickfield recommended it to him( She should know she is the @dcconcierge).

Busboys and Poets Menu - Washington DC








Busboys and Poets Menu - Washington DC








The coffee is awesome and the staff fabulous. as the staff greet you, I almost expect them to burst into song and Michael the Manager who is a music major, may even play the piano :)Busboys and Poets - Washington DC






Busboys and Poets - Washington DC







Network Solutions along with DC Media Makers and Jonny's par-tay is holding a networking event with Rohit Bhargava author of Personality Not Included on June 4th. The event got full out within 20 minutes of the campaign emails being sent out.

While I highly recommend the breakfast choice, nice coffee and scones, I have to go to Busboysandpoets in the evening to let you know how the atmosphere and food is in the evening.

Well they have free wi-fi , a book store and a Open mic night on Tuesdays that gets full very fast.


Lesli3 said...

Thanks Shashi for the shout-out! We are getting excited for the 4th as well. A quick addition that I can't help sharing: Always remember to tag any media awesomeness you create on-site with busboysandpoets and we will be sure to integrate it into the tapestry of online community awesomeness that is well underway.

Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend :-)

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