Saturday, January 19, 2008

El Mexicano has good food

El Mexicano
(Travilah Square)
12150 Darnestown Rd , Gaithersburg, MD
Phone - (301) 838-7466
Closed Sunday ( open most days 11 a.m to 9 p.m)
The fajita bowl here is currently my favorite. This was my first visit but I have had take out from here when I work form home. My wife is a regular at this place and ,today, instead of ordering her usual, she ordered the fajita platter, which she liked. My daughter ordered the quesadilla  platter; she ,also, liked it.  T
There is good management and the place was clean. There wasn't a clock on the wall;that gave the place a sense of timelessness.There weren't any smells coming out of the kitchen, but the music from the ceiling flowed. It was a quiet day, which gave the place a sense of isolation, coupled by the fact that we were the only people in the restaurant on a Saturday afternoon.
The location was first one of the only shopping centers on Darnestown road and now faces competition from the Falls Grove Shopping Mall and the Adjacent Traville Gateway.
Review in Chef Moz.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried El Mariachi in Rockville? It is over by the IHOP.

It's my favorite Mexican place here--although I haven't tried El Mexicano yet. I'll have to give that one a shot also.

Shashi B said...

Great Suggestion. I will give it a try soon.