Sunday, December 23, 2007

"The DC Concierge - Ask and you shall get - An answer

Ever wanted to find an answer to something about DC entertainment and couldnt get an answer from friends ? The DC Concierge comes to your rescue.

Just email your Question to the dcconcierge

The latest Question was on "Best Paella in DC"

Craig asks: "Besides Jaleo, where can I find good Paella in the area?

Answer from DC Concierge :

DC Concierge: Paella... I'm not a fan. But I hear Taberna Alabardero, a traditional Spanish restaurant at 18/Eye, does it quite well (though pricey). La Tasca also offers a few variations, but they are a mega-chain restaurant so you'd be better off at Jaleo than there. Oh, for something slightly different, I remember seeing it on the menu at Brazilian favorite The Grill From Ipanema in Adams Morgan when I was eating there the other day. Plus, their caipirinhas are muy deliciouso!!!

One point to note is that DC Concierge does not leave the city to the suburbs.

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