Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe

Before I write about the  Mosaic Cafe I must tell you why I was in the Congressional Plaza on Rockville Pike. We were shopping at Buy Buy Baby. Buy Buy Baby is a very nice store if you are in the baby business I.e giving birth, expectant father, toddler mom or pop , grandpa, grandma or office baby shower organizer. They have a lot of friendly staff to go around at all sections and at the end of it all they gift wrap for free. 


Finding ourselves exhausted after a 2 hour exploration of Buy Buy Baby we saw the Mosaic Cafe . The smiling owner joked with me when I asked him if they had opened new and said " We have been here for some time but we are good at keeping it a secret".

The restaurant serves brunch till 2 p.m and its one of the places where you can get a well made Eggs Benedict. The other speciality is the sandwiches made from waffles. I liked the taste of my smoked salmon sandwich between two slices of waffles. I ordered the sandwich with chips but I realized that it was a mistake. The other side dish dish was ginger pepper slaw which is made from the kind of ginger you find in sushi shops and gives the Cole slaw a very tangy taste.

The paprika and parmesan chicken breast sandwich has the chicken fried very well and tasty , kind of dry and bit spicy.

Mosaic cafe has good prices  and boasts of a variety of " freshly squeezed" juices. The atmosphere is of a coffee shop , kind of trendy casual. Good place to go after Sunday Mass or your first date.


Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe
186 halpine Rd Rockville MD 20852

phone: 301-468-0682

Sunday to Thursday

8 a.m to 9 p.m

Friday to Saturday

8 a.m to 10 p.m

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