Saturday, September 30, 2006

IndiQue Heights

IndiQue Heights

Chevy Chase Maryland is fast becoming the Magnificent mile  of the DC area.The stores along  Wisconsin and Western avenues are the best brand names- Barneys New York Co-Op, Bulgari, Dior, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, MaxMara and Ralph Lauren. Cartier and Tiffany. It has been likened to Washington's Rodeo drive.

As you go along this high fashion street you can't miss the sign for IndiQue Heights  the new stylish Indian restaurant that opened at the center of Wisconsin Circle.

IndiQue Heights , 2 Wisconsin Circle,Chevy Chase, MD.  Ph: 301.656.4822 Website :

Washington Dc's restaurant scene is very lucky to have a lot of professional Indian restaurateurs who migrated to the US and upped the standards of Indian restaurants. Indian restaurants are no longer curry and "Chicken Tikka Masala" ( The national dish of Great Britain) They have evolved to give us adventure and taste.

Walking into IndiQue gives you the feeling of exclusivity, its stylish, cool and yet strangely as American as the $40 steak restaurants down the road. Its right for your first date and suitable for business dinners  and yet your ' date night" with your wife would be perfect here. Have a member of the family who has never eaten Indian ? Start here.

I liked the tamarind Margarita right after I had tasted the "Hot Passion" that my wife ordered. Both were mixed right and leave me longing for them the day after the visit.

Among the bar snacks and appetizers  the Crab Tiki was amazing - The Maryland Crab  I ate never realized that one day it would be cooked with herbs and spices from a far away land to make it a lip smacking dish. The Masala Grilled scallops are cooked right with a nice grill texture on top. And the chicken dosa was Yummy.

A couple of Margarita's later we ate the Moyal Rabbit Curry and the Duck Vartha Curry along with shrimp varuval ( a Specialty if Kerela) Its cooked very similar to a dish called shrimp Igguru which is from the part of India where I come from but the similarity ends here. IndiQue heights has managed to keep the ingredients authentic and not modify it to local tastes so you get the real deal.

We have to go back again for the Lamb Shank & my favorite "Shrimp & Scallop Masala". its a great place to go and right on the DC line. You can park right in the building or take the elevator from the Metro Stations " Friendship heights: right up to the restaurant.

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