Thursday, December 29, 2005

A sizzling Experience - Pho 2000 Herndon

I have been to several Pho restaurants. I love the soup and the smell of basil and dipping the bean sprout into the hot flavored broth. But the soup broth is not what you would go to Pho 2000 a Vietnamese Restaurant in Herndon for.

The Pho 2000 in the World Gate center in Herndon is clean and has not only soup on the menu but a huge selection of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine dishes. I had the lunch special the Stir Fried prawn with scallions and green onion. The prawns were large and came to the table sizzling in a nice thick sauce with Soya and caramel. I enjoyed the sizzle and the dish was very tasty. You could order this with a curry too and that comes bubbling hot in a bowl.

Pho 2000 has other favorites like the cashew chicken, wonton soup. The staff at the Pho 2000 is friendly and the Pho 2000 prices are very reasonable. I am definitely planning a second visit.

Pho 2000
13045 Worldgate Drive
Herndon VA 20170

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