Sunday, November 06, 2005

Great Pizza Ordering Experience

Ordering a pizza should be the easiest experience but not for us- we are not the "supreme with all the meats" kind of customers. It takes me a few minutes to explain that I want half with chciken and jalapeno and the other half with onions, musrooms and black olives. Some places they are flummoxed by the chicken topping and get a manager to see how much to charge for the chicken.
Well ! Pizza Hut has found a way to help me out. Created a account at Checked out the coupons, Placed the order and chose where to pick the order up from( The default Pizza Hut is not so near).

Kudos to the people who created this. They give you a lot of choice , change the toppings, crust to your heart's desire and order. You don't have to pay upfront. 5 stars to Pizza hut the $1.75 delivery charge not withstanding.

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