Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dragon Chinese Restaurant - Gaithersburg

Looking for a snack that goes with your beer. Having a spicy snack with beer is a very "Indian" thing. Many bars in India offer roasted peanuts with a spicy mixture of chooped onions , tomatoes and green chillies.

If you live in Gaithersburg you may be familiar with the strip mall at the end of Muddy Branch road. The main attaraction is the Grand Mart. I have admired this neat Chinese restaurnat called "Dragon Chinese restaurant". The place is always filled with Chinese families which is a good sign. I heard that the restaurant has added some more "restaurant chinese ' dishes to cater to the non-chinese clinets who want to have the "general Tso's chicken", "Chicken low mein". ( Many of these supposedly created in San Francisco).

The dish I liked was the "Triple pepper Chicken" . It is dry and spicy but its very tasty. The chicken low mein that accompanied it ws very good too.

The prices are reasonable and the restaurant is a great bargain.If you don't belive me see what Tim has to say at ""

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