Saturday, March 11, 2023

José Andrés’ Bazaar: A New Culinary Adventure in DC

José Andrés has recently opened a new Bazaar restaurant inside the former Trump hotel in DC . This opening comes eight years after he backed out of a deal in the same location, leading to a high-profile legal battle with the former President of the United States .

The Bazaar is known for its vibrant mix of sophisticated cuisine, artful service and playful theatrics. Each location offers its own unique flair with high-end shared small-plates that are a “wild sensory adventure born of Jose’s Spanish roots” .

The opening of this new location has been highly anticipated by foodies everywhere. Have you had a chance to visit one of José Andrés’ restaurants yet?

This post was generated using information from Bing search results. Sources include NPR and Washingtonian .

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