Tuesday, February 03, 2015

&Pizza Comes to Gaitherburg Downtown Crown

The &Pizza Team 

This is a guest post from my daughter Mitali Bellamkonda @Bellmit

I had never been to &pizza until today, but I had tagged along with my dad for their grand opening at the Crown in Gaithersburg. 

When we got there, the place was somewhat crowded, but not as loud as I was expecting. We could still talk at almost normal levels, albeit a little louder. 

The space itself is very narrow, something I'm not too fond of as it was a little difficult to get up and get drink refills and/or takeout boxes. The white walls made it feel more open and non-claustrophobic. If you don't like tight spaces, I recommend getting the pizza to go, as there's not much sitting room. 

Now, the pizzas are excellent! 

They're made in the assembly line counter next to the cash register and they are personal pizzas that you can either design yourself or pick from a few specialty ones. I got the Moonstruck pizza and dad made his own, something with a lot of leaf, shrimp and aged pepperoni. I had a bite; it was good, but I liked my Moonstruck better. 

Now, the Moonstruck was a tangy, but mostly sweet mushroom pizza. There wasn't much crust, which is good, because I don't like crust and it was flat, thin and when I picked up a slice, almost no grease appeared on my fingers, so it must have been healthy. 

It wasn't as hot as some of the pizza in other pizza places, but that just meant that I could take a bite and not burn my tongue on hot cheese. I'm too impatient to wait for things to cool, so if it's not too hot in the first place, it's perfect for me. 

Now, I'm not entirely sure why it was called Moonstruck and my best guess is that it was because of the white sauce on the bottom, but it impressed me so much that I forgot the name for about half a second. 

Now, unfortunately, the whole thing was too large for me to finish in one sitting, so there are about 3 slices leftover. I know what lunch is going to be tomorrow. 

I think &pizza is going to be very crowded very soon and I would recommend going as soon as possible (maybe lunchtime) before everyone gets word of it and starts lining up around the block. 

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