Sunday, September 21, 2014

Planes, Trains and Cars at the Dulles Day Plane Pull 2014 at the Washington Dulles Airport

The WMATA and sponsors organize an annual #PlanePull event that is open to the public and benefits the Virginia Special Olympics. We went to the 2014 event held on Saturday 20th September 2014. The event was excellently organized and was easy to reach from the specially designated Purple parking lot with ample signs and people guiding you to buses to the event area.
25 person teams of local companies and organizations who raise at least $1,500 compete to see who can pull an 82-ton FedEx cargo jet 12 feet in the shortest time.
The Commomerative Air Force volunteers flew several aircraft to the event.
Lovely to see a still flying Pan Am aircraft.
A lot of kids activities including toy trains that took tots and aprents to different areas of the event.
You could buy a drone with a camera for less than $200
Contribute to charity with this Dunk a Cop booth
Take a tour of the Washington Dulles airport in this People Carrier
Donate to charity and get an opportunity for a opportunity to ride a fire truck
Look at some pretty cool cars and a paddy wagon.
Plenty of opportunities to watch planes. I will definitely recommend this event for everyone specially with kids. Parking for the event is free, about 15k people were expected to attend the event and it was very well organized. Food was available and was not expensive at all. On the whole kudos to the organizers, volunteers and sponsors. Tip: Take cash.

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