Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Achari Chicken Tacos at the Bombay Bistro Rockville

It's been a busy day and the traffic on the beltway has not been easy. As I headed towards Rockville I yearned to relax over a nice Indian meal and a Kingfisher beer.

Luckily I had an errand to run at the Rockville Town Center and Bombay Bistro was right on my way. I have eaten here before and am delighted by the new stuff that Chef Vinod keeps trying here and at the sister restaurant Indique Heights. Bombay Bistro is a block away from the Rockville Town Center and an easy walk for residents of the near by Fenestra Apartments and the upcoming Bozzuto Upton Apartments

Indian food can also be enjoyed in a tapas style eating -  Achari Chicken Taco, Stuffed bread and a samosa are a great combination. We always consider restaurants as celebratory and eat a lot. To me Indian food is home and I enjoy the Dal Makhni with a couple of rotis - not haute cuisine but still carve for dishes.

For vegetarians who want to enjoy the Achari Chicken Taco, try asking for Paneer Taco ( Cottage cheese). I had a meal once again at Bombay Bistro and applaud the chefs. Stay around Rockville, hope you have eaten at the Bombay Bistro.

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