Monday, May 05, 2014

#TopChef Food Innovation at The Thomson Reuters #WHCD Brunch at the Hay Adams Hotel

It was nostalgia. The Thomson Reuters Brunch celebrating the White House Correspondents Dinner was held at the Hay Adams Hotel on Sunday March 4th 2014. Having attended the previous years event, I was thrilled to be there. It is held on the top floor of the Hay Adams Hotel with the best view in town.

First stop was Bart VanDaele's table where last year he had served a " Truffle Egg Royal" It was served in the shell and he explained how they had come up with the idea of using precision tools to finely cut open the shell and then paint it and cook the souffle in the shell. 

ThomsonReuters Yahoo Brunch at The Hay Adams #whcd

This year Chef Bart Vandaele Cooked up a Pig and Egg On a Bun in honor of Hillary Clinton. I admit it was the first time that I tasted Quail's eggs. The presentation was superb and the dish tasted very well.

Here is Bart posing for my camera.

Last year, Chef Spike Mendelsohn  had made an Artichoke Cappuchino

Wow! You heard it here Artichoke Cappuccino by @ChefSpike inspired by @MichelleObama
This year was a really awesome Black and White Milkshake inspired by John Kerry

Mike Isabella excelled once again with Duck Scrapple in the honor of Joe Biden 

We missed Brian Voltaggio
ThomsonReuters Yahoo Brunch at The Hay Adams #whcd
 It was great to meet Top Chef Jen Carroll who created Barnegat Light Scallops inspired by Chris Christie

The View from the Hay Adams Hotel is really fantastic

It is always a pleasure to see Lauren Young from Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters puts on a great celebration for the reporters and celebrities attending the White House Correspondents Dinner and it is a delight to see these Top Chefs create these special dishes.

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