Sunday, February 24, 2013

Not the Oscars - The Guacamole Awards at Whole Foods in Kenlands, Gaithersburg

It was an unplanned visit today (February 24th 2013) to  Kentlands Whole Foods in Gaithersburg. My kids and I love Whole Foods for the exotic foods that we may find and the samples that we could snag while my wife does the serious shopping there. Today was a treat, There was a Guacomole contest here and you got to taste the different recipes and vote for the best Guacomole.
A live Mariachi band and a fun pair of fake boxing ladies dancing to the band were all part of the festivities today 

I remembered the words of Monica Bhide one of the panelists at a recent Social Media Week Panel hosted by the Pappas Group that I moderated. She said businesses should not be selling products but an experience and Whole Foods just did that today. We went in to buy bread and came back with at least a dozen more things and still were thrilled by the experience. Did you have any fun grocery store experiences?

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