Monday, October 08, 2012

Tropical Isle – Burbon Street in New Orleans

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My good friend Liana Evans now lives in New Orleans and told me about the multi-location Tropical Isle on Burbon St. in New Orleans. We visited two locations, one at 421 Burbon St. and the second  at the corner of Burbon and Orleans St. Just like in their name Tropical Isle restaurants have the tropical themed décor made  up of colorful lighting and a fun atmosphere.

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The signature drink here is a Hand grenade and after you pull the “pin” out you can practice your throw and toss it into this basket.

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Great music and the artists very involved with the audience  and finding what they enjoy and playing it. In New Orleans you feel  a nice sense of welcome and Tropical Isle does it a step further. Many of the customers looked like local with a mix of tourists and most certainly a place that many had sought out rather than just chancing upon the place by surprise. As for me I was fighting a Shark Attack.


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if you are in New Orleans add Tropical Isle to your list of places to be and tell them the ‘Swami” sent you Winking smile lol .

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